Volunteers for the book / media donation drive participate in a variety of activities including: receiving books / media from donors, and sorting them into categories suitable for the book sale, boxing the books / media and transporting them to the storage areas, assembling book racks and setting up the rooms for the book sale, cashiering, keeping the sale rooms neat and orderly during the book sale and provide assistance to customers, provide leftover books / media to non profit organizations, and box up leftover books and transport to storage for delivery to a secondary sales group. 

Periodic Book Sales

​​Volunteers and What They Do

Friends of the Bridgewater Library

Continuous Book Sale

A limited number of volunteers select books and media and display them on book shelves adjacent to the library circulation desk, mark books with initial display dates, replace unsold books at periodic intervals, support customers’ special needs.

A volunteer also reviews all available books, places a select group of books online for sale, assigns a competitive price for the books, ships the books to customers, receives payment for delivered books and provides the payments to the Friends’ Treasurer.