Friends of the Bridgewater Library

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If you have a box or bag full of books you'd like to donate, bring them into the library and put them on the yellow cart behind the customer service desk.

If there are more, and you'd like us to help bringing them in, 

Please write us and email on the Contact Us page, and we'll get back to you with an appointment date.

Would you like to donate your gently-used books right now?

Book Sales

The continuous book sale is located just past the circulation desk, next to the library’s music collection. Gently used books are offered and renewed on a daily basis. Come  often, there will always be different books for sale!

This year the Friends of the Bridgewater Library will have one periodic book sale, in the spring.  Donations for the spring sale will be accepted during a specified period approximately 5 - 6 weeks before the sale. Watch this space for those dates!  We are also accepting donations all year long for our continuous and online book sales.